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Posted by HareDevilHare - 6 days ago

hello to anyone reading this!

i have really bad issues with time blindness & poor memory (mental illness & other very global things heavily related), and i figured since this site has a blogging feature, it might help me to try write up an update on things on Tuesdays, just to keep a sense of time for myself. and idk maybe some people will enjoy reading it

PREFACE? what does that word even mean?

i have a couple things i'd really like to talk about.

first of all, i've been having a really amazing time here on newgrounds. there's a really strong sense of community and uplifting spirit here that makes me feel very welcome and supported. i really love checking people's accounts, reviewing their art, and getting inspired by all the incredible stuff being shared on here!

second, i wanna shout out Toonsly -- they're the one who scouted me when i first joined, and i really appreciate that! they have really cool characters and epic art, definitely check them out if you get the chance!

and thirdly, a huge and sincere THANK YOU to everyone who has left comments, reviews, and encouragement on my art. y'all didn't have to do that and it makes me insanely happy to get this kind of engagement. it's something i've never, ever seen before!


some pretty big things have happened for me this month since i've joined.

19/02/21: my drawing of Mom from Friday Night Funkin really exploded here and on twitter, and got me my first front page feature! that shit was bananas! i never thought it'd see so much attention!

20/02/21: my design for the Friday Night Funkin' Minus mod's alternate boyfriend, based on the cute little blue/red face grafix, won the design contest! i legit shed tears over that! there were so many awesome designs put forward and i never ever expected mine to win!!

i've started looking around NG a lot more since i started posting art here, and found some really fun series and animations that i really enjoyed. specifically, Duncan & Jones has been a big inspiration for me. i really like the style of humour, the characters' personalities & designs, and the environment they exist in! my favourite easily is Duncan & Jones 3!! if you haven't checked it out already, i'm holding your head and shoving it towards that link in a kind yet aggressive manner.

22/02/21: i drew some fanart of the two main dudes, which got me another front page feature somehow?! i didn't even know how to respond to that! i was so amazed by the warm reception that drawing got!!

and latest of all, just today:

23/02/21: my art of sonic and metal sonic got a front page feature!! when i saw that this morning i shouted "NO WAY" and startled my brother. this shit is insane!! i am really happy with how that one came out, and i'm so shocked and messed up over this.


here's a little notarized list of things i'm planning on doing in the next week!

  • some more art of my OC
  • a drawing of Toonsly's OC Baxter!
  • a drawing of TheShyla's very cute dog OC!
  • some picos!
  • TankMen. TankMen. TankMen. that was one of the first things i checked out when i joined this site and i REALLY enjoyed that!
  • i'd definitely like to try draw some more FNF, i have a couple sketches hanging around. i want to try draw the Lemon Demon, or possibly Daddy Dearest

thanks for reading if you did! i'm not sure if i'll continue doing this stuff consistently or anything, but it's been fun typing this out and reviewing my past week! very helpful!